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For years the North Country thrived from its rivers, carrying pulp, power, and prosperity. The recent collapse of the pulp and paper industries has forced residents to focus on long-term planning to reassess the future of their communities.

Riverside provides planning assistance for landowners who intend to update infrastructure within existing urbanized areas to meet their needs. We can provide conceptual plans for building siting which can be used for project cost estimates for investors and/or funding agencies.  Back to Top


Our staff provides certified design plans to be used for local approval and state permitting agencies and ultimately for construction. Upon obtaining necessary approvals, we can prepare final design documents used obtaining for bids from local contractors.

Typical design elements include access road, parking layout, pedestrian and handicap access, storm water treatment and conveyance structures, and utility (water and sewer) layout. We work with local surveyors for certifying subdivisions, lot line adjustments and/or boundary work and are licensed to prepare septic design documents for state approval.  Back to Top


Riverside prepares state permit applications for disturbances along lakes and within the river corridors. Over the years, our staff has worked on several large developments near ski areas and along the river's edge. We designed permanent stormwater conveyance and treatment devices to treat runoff and provided details to prevent erosion and sediment migration during construction.

In New Hampshire, we can prepare Shoreland, Wetlands, Alteration of Terrain permit applications from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services.  Back to Top


Riverside understands the complexities of many small community water systems and the challenges municipalities and districts have with providing potable water to users. Our staff has provided hydraulic water modeling services for water main extensions, pressure reducing valve vaults, and water storage tank upgrades. We have experience preparing preliminary engineering reports and are familiar with several local water systems and have worked closely with local fire departments with fire suppression system upgrades (dry hydrants, ponds, etc.) to meet the needs of rural departments with lengthy travel times.  Back to Top


It's been our experience, most towns would like to upgrade their sewer infrastructure, but simply do not have the resources to fund large projects. We can provide engineering studies and design services for progressive upgrades, often partially funded state and federal funding agencies, to extend the life of the existing sewer system and increase plant capacity over time.

Several municipalities struggle with aged sewage systems (often relics of older combined sewers) with high infiltration from cracked collection pipes and inflow from commonly unidentified sources (roof drain, sump pumps, etc.). High infiltration and inflow increases treatment plant operation costs and reduces plant capacity.  Back to Top


Each project is unique and requires experience and technical expertise to handle unforeseeable conditions encountered during construction. Riverside provides observation and oversight for landowners and assists contractors during construction. We communicate the design intent and coordinate plan changes with state and federal regulators to keep the project on track.  Back to Top